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Snowstorm in N.E.

The big snowstorm has hit, and already in some areas of the yard we have 10 inches of wet, snowball snow. We lost power for a good three hours, during which time my mother and I had to resort to playing Scrabble (I won, 317 to 184), and she viciously berated me for being a terrible daughter for playing words like “dog” that would then get something like 36 points.


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First Snow in Philly!

After a very brief flurry last night, this morning I awoke to find it snowing intensely outside. The flakes are large, and rather floaty, and I’m relishing my walk to the library through Rittenhouse later today. Also appreciating that I neither have to drive in this, nor do I have to slide down hills to get where I need to go – thanks, Philadelphia, for being so accomadating!

Snow on Center City

Snow over the Kimmel Center

I’ll try to get some more pictures when I go through Rittenhouse Square, but for now my batteries are charging, and I’m enjoying some great blackcurrant tea while in my robe and slippers.

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