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I see that I have inadvertently taken a summer vacation from the blog. My apologies, classes got the best of me and then I moved to a new place around Society Hill and have spent the rest of the summer reading and catsitting in exotic locales (like New Jersey).

I did, however, get to deal with some very interesting manuscripts, which I’ll write about in their own post. Classes start in a couple of weeks, and it looks like I’ll be taking Digital Preservation, Resources in Social Sciences [I’m a humanities girl, the social sciences are mostly a mystery to me], and Metadata & Resources Description. I nearly took Digital Libraries but decided there was too much overlap with Digital Preservation.

Last quarter was probably my favorite so far – my Content Representation class was by far my best class at Drexel, both useful and challenging (also the only class I didn’t feel I’d get an automatic A in), and my web design class was really fun, as well. I liked coming from these classes with something constructive I’d actually made – in these cases, a thesaurus and website, respectively.

Two more quarters, and then I’ll have my degree. So soon…


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Sorry about the quietness – I was in New York (wonderful time!), then caught a cold in New York, and then had to catch up on work after being in New York and being sick. I have a list of things to post about, including, but not limited to:

  • An awkward bus conversation with an electronic resource hater
  • Scrabble month at the Philadelphia Public Library
  • My tour of a High Density Storage library
  • A pumpkin-carving party with booze
  • And jam on grilled cheese, or new and innovative food combinations my roommate comes up with!

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