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First of all, apologies for the delay in updating. As of now, I don’t have internet at home, and at work I’m working, so I won’t have regular internet until I manage to secure an apartment for myself. But I’ll try to make up for lost time.

Worked up a small sweat the night before the Big Job doubting my knowledge of Latin (I never thought I’d actually use my Latin and get paid for it!) and furiously trying to remember all the complex grammar I’d forgotten in the past two years – the passive periphrastic, for one.

Today I created my first bibliographic record using MARC (MAchine-Readable-Cataloging) standards. I admit, I felt a little bit like God while doing this – linking subject headings (and making some that never before existed), uploading my record to OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, which more than 60,000 libraries use in over 112 countries) and Franklin (the pet-name for the Voyager catalog where I work).

The book I first worked on was a printed charter of a new chapter of the Society of Saint Anne in Malogoszcz (don’t ask me how to pronounce that), signed and sealed from the Archbishop of Lviv Jan Dymitr Solikowski, and Primate of Poland (that is an official title, and probably the best one I’ve heard) Jan Wezyk.

More than getting a bit of the celebrity-factor into my catalog, I loved leafing through the catalog of members in the back of the book (stretching about 300 years into 1833). Their personal notes, flourishes, choice of anecdotes or prayers to include, it was this kind of minutiae that really made the work interesting, allowing you to look into their lives, even if just a small portion of their lives.

I don’t know if anyone will ever look at this book except to catalog it, or if it will just sit on the shelf for years collecting dust (under it’s case which its getting custom-made for it, as every new book we catalog does – they’re color-coded, too!), but still, it feels exciting to make sure that, if someone ever might need this kind of book, they could find it thanks to me.


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