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Class Struggle

This hasn’t happened in my library yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did….

by flickr user .michael.newman.


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Congratulations to me, I’ve finished my coursework at Drexel and now have my MLIS! This past quarter was particularly difficult, since I was moving and starting a new job while still taking three classes online.

Since it’s Spring Break for the College but the library stays open, I’m using this quiet time to work on weeding and mending books! I came across this little gem just now: Child of Pleasure by “D’Annunzio.”

"Child of Pleasure" by D'Annunzio

Trying to figure out if we should bind, fix, discard, or reorder this, I open it at random to see what it’s about and find this gem of a page:

The carriage was standing at the foot of the great stairway; a footman held open the door. ‘To Madame Van Hueffel’s,” said the duchess to him, while Andrea helped her in. The man left the door and returned to his seat beside the coachman. The horses stamped, striking out sparks from the stones.

“Take care!” cried Elena, holding out her hand to the young man. Her eyes and her diamonds flashed through the gloom. “Oh, to be in there with her in the shadow -to press my lips to her satin neck under the perfumed fur of her mantle!”

He kissed her hand – pressing his lips to it as if to leave the mark of his burning passion. He closed the door and the carriage rolled rapidly away under the porch, and out to the Forum. And thus ended Andrea Sperelli’s first meeting with the Duchess of Scerni.

….what IS this book??

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It’s Finally Happened

The two silliest mascots in the whole of the MLB are going to be battling it out in what should be the weirdest World Series in years.

Needless to say, Philadelphia is thrilled, and there’s a sense of camaraderie that I definitely did not see before. One guy assured my roommate that he was a “good guy” by pointing to his Phillies hat and saying, “Look, I’m a Phillies fan!”

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Medieval Idol?

In cataloging a series of miscellaneous Jesuit documents and codices, I found myself typing into OCLC Connexion the phrase “Saint Bernard and the Beatitudes” in my 520, which I found highly amusing (for those curious, the full phrase is Section 8 contains various printed works, all on one side of the leaf only, with handwritten works on confession and mass, along with excerpts from Saint Bernard and the beatitudes, on the other sides).

Anyone out there looking for a good band name? Because I think this one would be an awesome one. Who’s up for some Gregorian doo-wop?

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For my class “Professional And Social Aspects Of Information Services,” the one required textbook is Complete Copright: An Everyday Guide for Librarians, edited by Carrie Russell, published in 2004 by the ALA. When I went to Borders to pick up the book, I was a little surprised by the pastel green spiral binding, and the picture of the sassy librarian on the front, but these were the least of my surprises from this book…


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The other night, my roommate showed more of her prowess in creative flavor combinations. This time, it was salmon nigiri with some neapolitan ice cream on it. Apparently tasty!

(My roommate consists solely of a disembodied mouth and hand)

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During a recent politeness-scrimmage over who would have the last Oreo, my roommate shocked me in a way I never expected….

Smearing brie defiantly over the oreo, she shoved it into her mouth and said it was delicious! Then she put even more brie on it!!! Truly scandalous!

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