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I’ve spent the last couple of hours doing “useful procrastination” – organizing, labelling, sorting all of the many syllabi, course descriptions, articles and such into various folders and binders.

My normal level of organization finds me struggling to remember if the “controlled vocabularies” article is for my INFO 510 class, or INFO 511.. or maybe it’s for INFO 520? And what about this “Looking for Information” article? Does it belong in Information Resources & Services I, or Information Resources & Services II?

Since I never got my classes confused in Undergrad, I couldn’t figure out why I was having problems now… until I realized that my classes are all about the same thing! Right now, I couldn’t tell you the difference between them, besides the professors. At this point, all of them are doing the basic information finding, article-hunting, scavenger-hunt-like google searches. Clearly, this is going to end up with me sending the wrong assignment to the wrong teacher!


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