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Sorry about the quietness – I was in New York (wonderful time!), then caught a cold in New York, and then had to catch up on work after being in New York and being sick. I have a list of things to post about, including, but not limited to:

  • An awkward bus conversation with an electronic resource hater
  • Scrabble month at the Philadelphia Public Library
  • My tour of a High Density Storage library
  • A pumpkin-carving party with booze
  • And jam on grilled cheese, or new and innovative food combinations my roommate comes up with!

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Despite having a bump the size of a small egg protruding from my achilles tendon (slammed it into a rocking chair), I’ve been tromping about Philly with the roommate and her friend-who-dissects-mouse-spleens, C. Went to the Mütter Museum for the first time, where we all turned into 8 year old boys (“Ewwww!! That’s so cool!!”) as we stared at things like an eight-foot long colon and a wall of skulls, as C told us about her favorite pathogens (this, along with some other interesting facts, is what one gets for bringing along an immunology student).

Later, we all went to see Neil Gaiman read chapter 2 of his new work, The Graveyard Book, which looks to be very good indeed! They also showed a trailer for the new movie from his book Coraline, and there was a rather hilarious Q&A. You can see the whole thing, webcast, on his website.

The weather being crisp and sunny, we went out to explore historical Philadelphia. Here are some highlights:

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Well, it’s finally happened. Real life has encroached upon our untouchable haven of an apartment. I emerged from the shower to see a MOUSE run into my closet. Growing up on a (non-working) farm, I’m not wholly new to this kind of thing. But there, I had two good mousing cats who’d take care of the problem.

So what do I do in a situation with NO cats? Stamp my feet, shriek slightly, and run to my roommate, who joins in my whining all the way to the local hardware store to try to find the least horrific mouse traps (do we get a cat, or the traps, we wondered. In the end, the traps were easier to acquire quickly).

It is only a small mouse, and despite my being much bigger and my closet being closed with a trap in it, I’m still a bit apprehensive about sleeping in my bed tonight. I crawled into my roommates comforter and curled up, oblivious to the world in my attempts to find a safe haven:

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The other night, my roommate showed more of her prowess in creative flavor combinations. This time, it was salmon nigiri with some neapolitan ice cream on it. Apparently tasty!

(My roommate consists solely of a disembodied mouth and hand)

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During a recent politeness-scrimmage over who would have the last Oreo, my roommate shocked me in a way I never expected….

Smearing brie defiantly over the oreo, she shoved it into her mouth and said it was delicious! Then she put even more brie on it!!! Truly scandalous!

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