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With the roommate off getting a cavity filled, the apartment is, like the city, a bit eerily quiet. Tonight being d&d night, this won’t last for long, as a whole bunch of people will make sure my apartment is anything but quiet tonight – not just that, but Tropical Storm Hanna¬†appears to be heading straight for Philly!

This’ll be my first big storm in a city, and I’m not sure what to worry about – at home (back in the boonies), the power would usually go out and not return for a few hours, the sump pump might stop working, we might have to worry about the remainder of the big pine tree falling on the house, or a power-line falling.

But in Philly, there aren’t any power-lines visible near me (all hiding underground), and there aren’t any trees near my 3rd floor apartment windows, and no sump pump in the basement (and if the basement does flood, that’s my landlord’s worry, not mine). The only thing that could go wrong would be the power going out.

In other news, I’m officially t.b. free! I’m also seriously thinking about joining the Amateur Chamber Music Players¬†– I miss playing in a group. I practiced my Prokofiev this morning. Still challenging, still one of the best pieces of music I’ve ever played, still a lot of fun and a pain in the ass.


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