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For my class “Professional And Social Aspects Of Information Services,” the one required textbook is Complete Copright: An Everyday Guide for Librarians, edited by Carrie Russell, published in 2004 by the ALA. When I went to Borders to pick up the book, I was a little surprised by the pastel green spiral binding, and the picture of the sassy librarian on the front, but these were the least of my surprises from this book…



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I’m pretty new to the world of blogs, and especially to the world of librarian blogs. Turns out, there are a lot of good ones out there not only with some interesting, and often humorous, things to say, but with some nice research links. Here are a couple:

  • Lisa Gold: Research Maven. A new blog by Lisa Gold, who does research for Neal Stephenson, about her research. She’s also a rare book expert and a writer. So far she has some great links and good advice, including this gem: “Research is like treasure hunting, and to do it well you must be skeptical, curious, discriminating, persistent, and willing to look beneath the surface.
  • The Annoyed Librarian. Very ranty and perhaps a little controversial, most of the information on this blog is pretty relevant to current issues in the field, it seems.
  • The Zenformation Professional, on the lighter, more narrative side of things. A librarian in Oxford (Ohio) who has some interesting stories…
  • @ the Library. Recommended on a couple of other blogs as a realistic view into the daily dealings with patrons.
  • Library Praxis. Written by two fantastic reference librarians Maria and Emily, Library Praxis writes about library issues of today! Intriguing and with some good ideas.

This is just a short amount of the huge amount of library blogs out there – if you have any favorites that I didn’t mention, feel free to note them in a comment!

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