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Not much going on today except for my lovely new apartment being officially mine (and my roommate’s). I’m only working a half-day, so I can go sign things, but the excitement is making it difficult to concentrate.

And a grumble to bookowner’s who decided to retitle their books for no particular reason, creating a large amount of discord for bibliographer’s everywhere. It turns out that Petrus de Braco’s Repertorium iuris caonici and his Compendium iuris canonici are the same damned glossary. I would have lived in total ignorance if not for Norman Zacour’s article (probably the only one ever written, it seems) on Petrus de Braco in the journal of Mediaeval Studies.


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To whomever sat at this desk before me:

While I certainly understand that even the most exciting of manuscripts can sometimes result in a less-than-thrilling work day, this by no means gives you license to stick your gum on the edge of this desk. You may think you were “sticking it to the man” by doing so, but you are dead wrong. Neither “the man,” nor the authors of the boring manuscripts, nor even your boss sat (or will ever sit) at this desk. You are merely causing discomfort and disgust to another poor intern (me). Thanks a bunch,

<3, me.

To whomever rebound this manuscript:

I suppose that you purchased this book and were so shocked and disgusted by the decay in the original, probably leather, binding, combined with the unevenness of page length, that you felt the need to totally rebind this manuscript. Well, mister (I know who you are, too, since you left a bookplate in the upper cover), the pages are still crumbling but now it is impossible to read anything near the spine since you used up all the margins to bind the book. So while I’d really like to know what Hermann von Kerssenbroch said in his magnum opus Furoris Anabaptistici monasterium inclytam Westphaliae metropolim evertentis historica narratio , I won’t get to. Even worse, my record will be slightly incomplete. Many thanks,


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