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Troubles with Apple

I just got my third iPod Touch. I bought one of the 1stgen iPod Touches with my Macbook in August 2008, and since then have had two, cryptic, massive failures out of the blue. So after trekking out to Ardmore (a 2 hour trip) for the second time in the past 4 months, I have my third, 1stgen iPod Touch.

I find myself miffed that they can fail so easily with no warning, and that the utterly dismissive “Genius” who tossed a new iPod at me before shoving some paperwork at me and leaving just gave me a sad face and said “bad luck” when I asked how this could happen. Clearly this is a problem with shoddy craftsmanship. My previous laptop, a perky 2004 iBook, had three logicboard failures during its three-year lifespan.

For something supposed to be so top-of-the-line, I expect a little more from Apple, and maybe that’s wrong. In any case, after how rudely I was treated today at the Apple Store and how faulty these are, my next computer will most likely be a PC I build myself. At least then these “bad luck” failures will be easier to fix and cheaper.


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