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Congratulations to me, I’ve finished my coursework at Drexel and now have my MLIS! This past quarter was particularly difficult, since I was moving and starting a new job while still taking three classes online.

Since it’s Spring Break for the College but the library stays open, I’m using this quiet time to work on weeding and mending books! I came across this little gem just now: Child of Pleasure by “D’Annunzio.”

"Child of Pleasure" by D'Annunzio

Trying to figure out if we should bind, fix, discard, or reorder this, I open it at random to see what it’s about and find this gem of a page:

The carriage was standing at the foot of the great stairway; a footman held open the door. ‘To Madame Van Hueffel’s,” said the duchess to him, while Andrea helped her in. The man left the door and returned to his seat beside the coachman. The horses stamped, striking out sparks from the stones.

“Take care!” cried Elena, holding out her hand to the young man. Her eyes and her diamonds flashed through the gloom. “Oh, to be in there with her in the shadow -to press my lips to her satin neck under the perfumed fur of her mantle!”

He kissed her hand – pressing his lips to it as if to leave the mark of his burning passion. He closed the door and the carriage rolled rapidly away under the porch, and out to the Forum. And thus ended Andrea Sperelli’s first meeting with the Duchess of Scerni.

….what IS this book??


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Currently cataloging an Estonian manuscript from 1532. It’s a confirmation by Pope Clement VII of a bishop of Oesel (which has various spellings, it seems). The manuscript itself is pretty ordinary, just going through normal bureaucracy (with one mention of the “rebelles” – Protestants).

What’s fantastic about this is a later annotation in another hand:

Clemens inferni dei providentia episcopus Romanus cerberus cerberorum diaboli suis membris antrichristianis salutem apostolicam benedictionem. / Unum breve conformativum episcopale. Diaboliense volebam dicere apostolicum.

This translates roughly to:

Clement, Bishop of Rome by the providence of the Infernal God, Cerberus of the cerberi of Satan by their own antichristian members, let me salute you an apostolic benediction. / One brief episcopal confirmation. I was wishing to call you the Apostolic Satan.

Perhaps the author of the note just assumed that Pope Clement VII was, in this case, Antipope Clement VII? Easy enough mistake to make when you’re talking about a Pope named Clement, I suppose…?

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The same week as my visit to the HDS, I went along with a Drexel section of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) to get a tour of the inner workings of the Philadelphia City Archives.

As it turns out, the City Archives are located in the same building as the HDS, but we went in through another totally anonymous entrance, over a block away from the entrance we’d used for the HDS. The Archives hosts the photos that make up PhillyHistory.org (which you should totally check out – has some great photos, and shows old maps of places. I saw a picture of my apartment in the early 1900s!).


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The other day I got the chance to go see the library’s high density storage (HDS) warehouse. It sort of felt as if I were being inducted into some kind of secret society. We entered the ware house through an unlabelled lobby, signing in with a guard, going down a few levels in an elevator, and through a maze of underground passageways until we walked through the BEST EMPLOYEE LOUNGE EVER (where they have a mass of canned goods. if there’s an apocalypse, I am heading here. They even had a telephone room. Just for telephoning), and entered a massive underground warehouse. It looked kind of like this:

Indiana Jones Warehouse

…Except with more books and fewer Nazis/Russians. Maybe. Those might have just been hidden. (more…)

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The Phanatic

Since I’ve only just moved to Philly, I haven’t really cleaved to my new local baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies. I only just became a semi-avid fan of my adopted team, the Mets, a year ago, and as a New Englander, I can’t help but love the Red Sox, although I’m not really a baseball follower in general.

In a discussion about the rather odd looking Phillies mascot, the Phillies Phanatic, M & M asked me if the Red Sox had a mascot. I said that I didn’t think so. My mother, the human encyclopedia, told me it was a fuzzy green monster (after The Green Monster). Since the Phillies Phanatic sure looks like a fuzzy green monster, I thought it couldn’t be true. I was, apparently, wrong.

In my search to find the truth, I have discovered that Major League Baseball mascots are really, really, really, ridiculous (and really, how much more fuzzy and green can you GET than this guy over here?).

(Best viewed not on an RSS feed – that ends up messing up the formatting. A bit image-heavy and long, but very informative after the cut!)


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For some unknown reason, I bought sweet potatoes two weeks ago and forgot about them until last night. So I made mashed sweet potatoes. And still had a large tupperware-full left. So today…

Sweet potato muffins and tea

Sweet potato muffins and tea

I made some surprisingly delicious sweet potato muffins with raisins (the roommate put brie on them and found them highly worthy).


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Also in my research, I’ve come across some unrelated, fantastic works that really deserve a mention on their own:

There might be a part two to this with some more content later!

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