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Since it’s finally starting to act like spring (56 degrees yesterday!), I went into the city with M. as part of the “rediscovering a life outside of library school” series. Both having student IDs, we took advantage of the Village East Cinema’s $7 student Tuesday deal and saw The Secret of Kells, an animated movie about the illuminated manuscript called the Book of Kells.

Brendan and Aisling in the forest

The movie is utterly delightful – it might be a little frightening for young children at parts, but certainly doesn’t lose any enjoyment for adults. It’s a very lush movie – the music is well done and the visuals are worth finding a theater that has it.

While waiting for the movie, we stopped over at Artichoke, which only sells a few kinds of pizza but all wonderful. I had a slice of the eponymous pizza (which was the size of 3 slices), and M. had the sicilian, also delicious but smaller.

Since M. was finished long before me and the weather was so nice, we wandered next door to Led Zeppole, also run by the same guys, to get 3 piping hot zeppoles. I wanted to pick up some snacks for tomorrow, so we ventured over to Momofuku’s Milk Bar where I tried some of the cereal milk soft serve and snagged a compost cookie and a really buttery, delicious blueberry cream cookie. The cookies (and especially pies) are a little pricey, but they do have $0.85 day old cookies which (in my opinion) are just as good!


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For some unknown reason, I bought sweet potatoes two weeks ago and forgot about them until last night. So I made mashed sweet potatoes. And still had a large tupperware-full left. So today…

Sweet potato muffins and tea

Sweet potato muffins and tea

I made some surprisingly delicious sweet potato muffins with raisins (the roommate put brie on them and found them highly worthy).


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The other night, my roommate showed more of her prowess in creative flavor combinations. This time, it was salmon nigiri with some neapolitan ice cream on it. Apparently tasty!

(My roommate consists solely of a disembodied mouth and hand)

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During a recent politeness-scrimmage over who would have the last Oreo, my roommate shocked me in a way I never expected….

Smearing brie defiantly over the oreo, she shoved it into her mouth and said it was delicious! Then she put even more brie on it!!! Truly scandalous!

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