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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get back to blogging after the long hiatus. I took a break after school, and had a tough time launching back into regular posting.

Riots not Diets, from flickr user gaelx

Anyways! One of the most exciting reasons I haven’t been posting is that I have been reading all about Fat Studies. My good friend and coworker Kate and I will be presenting on information bias inherent in academia surrounding fatness, and especially focusing on the impact in cataloging. It’s also been really interesting looking at the links between disability studies, queer studies, and fat studies.

Currently, academia and society both medicalize fatness, turning it into a disease (which it’s not, for many reasons). One of the many problems with this is that talking about the sociological or anthropological aspects of Fat Studies becomes almost taboo in conventional academia, and body positive books end up being cataloged under “Obesity,” clearly labeling all fat people diseased. We’ll also be looking at very “unacademic” sources of information like zines and blogs, and talking about how perfectly valid information can be gleaned from them.

There’s so much to this that hasn’t been explored yet. If you’re interested in reading up on Fat Studies, Kate has a great list of resources on her blog.

Kate and I will be presenting at the Sarah Lawrence College Women’s History Month conference (March 4th and 5th, 2011) which will be all about body politics. Check it out!


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I’ve been to two Library events this weekend, one radically different from the other. The first was the Westchester Library Association (WLA) conference in Tarrytown, and the second was the LACUNY event on Critical Pedagogy and Library Instruction at Brooklyn College.


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I see that I have inadvertently taken a summer vacation from the blog. My apologies, classes got the best of me and then I moved to a new place around Society Hill and have spent the rest of the summer reading and catsitting in exotic locales (like New Jersey).

I did, however, get to deal with some very interesting manuscripts, which I’ll write about in their own post. Classes start in a couple of weeks, and it looks like I’ll be taking Digital Preservation, Resources in Social Sciences [I’m a humanities girl, the social sciences are mostly a mystery to me], and Metadata & Resources Description. I nearly took Digital Libraries but decided there was too much overlap with Digital Preservation.

Last quarter was probably my favorite so far – my Content Representation class was by far my best class at Drexel, both useful and challenging (also the only class I didn’t feel I’d get an automatic A in), and my web design class was really fun, as well. I liked coming from these classes with something constructive I’d actually made – in these cases, a thesaurus and website, respectively.

Two more quarters, and then I’ll have my degree. So soon…

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First day of school

I felt a bit giddy yesterday morning as I waited for the crossing guard (there’s a charter school right near my apartment) to wave me across the street. The air has started to have that fall crisp in it, and it was my first day of school! With my backpack and packed lunch, I did not feel much different from the elementary-school kids around me.

My class being in the evening, I ended up hanging around the Bookmark cafe in Drexel’s library, catching up on some tv on the laptop before class started. I got to the iSchool building a bit early, which resulted in me wandering the halls a bit awkwardly until the classroom was unlocked. The classroom reminds me very much of high school, from the way the desks are set up to the lighting to the coloring:

I was surprised to see that not only did my class have an even mix of men and women, but most of the people were under the age of 35 – I’d been expecting a lot of older students. The class itself was somewhat of an overview, and mostly consisted of introductions (both to each other and to library science). Our final project will consist of creating a grant proposal.

The group comes from a vareity of backgrounds, and while it is reminiscent of high school, I’m looking forward to the discussions that will come from this class. Next week we get to talk about Ethics!

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Yesterday I made the long journey to my newly adopted hometown of Philadelphia, from a land of lobsters and Wampanoag names to the land of cheesesteaks and stranger names like Schuylkill, and Wissahickon. While I have visited Philadelphia many times, I may as well be a first-time visitor. Without the defining veil of tourism, I must quickly become familiar with the unique mores and lares of this city.

I’ve worked in a library before, but never as a true member of staff. My new job begins tomorrow – cataloging Latin manuscripts at a Rare Book library. I think I’ll fit the part of librarian fairly well – not even my first day on the job and already I have patrons asking me where the bathrooms are…

This blog is to be a record of my new life as a budding librarian, as well as being a country mouse living in the Big City.

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