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Thanks to my new Twitter, I discovered last night through CBS3 that Mayor Nutter was giving his budget crisis speech. After 2 minutes of talking about how great our city is (Woo, Phillies!), he got to some terrible, terrible news. We have to close a deficit of over $108 million in just six months. Here’s some of the worst of the cuts the city is getting:

  • No more tax reductions.
  • Cutting over 200 city positions, 600 unfilled positions, over 660 seasonal positions, and over 700 contractual positions.
  • Closing 3 ice rinks and several pools.
  • Every city employee earning over $50k has to take a 5-day unpaid furlough this year, and another next year.
  • No more street repairs, street cleaning, and only snowplowing on “tertiary streets.”
  • Getting rid of some fire equipment, and letting 200 police positions go unfilled.
  • Every city official is getting a paycut up to 10%.
  • Closing 11 library branches, and eliminating Sunday hours at three regional branches.

There’s more, but this is the worst of it. Philly wasn’t necessarily doing really well before. The City is the biggest employer in Philadelphia, followed closely by the University of Pennsylvania. It’ll be a tough winter for everyone here. Let’s just hope that these massive cuts actually help keep the city afloat.


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