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I see that I have inadvertently taken a summer vacation from the blog. My apologies, classes got the best of me and then I moved to a new place around Society Hill and have spent the rest of the summer reading and catsitting in exotic locales (like New Jersey).

I did, however, get to deal with some very interesting manuscripts, which I’ll write about in their own post. Classes start in a couple of weeks, and it looks like I’ll be taking Digital Preservation, Resources in Social Sciences [I’m a humanities girl, the social sciences are mostly a mystery to me], and Metadata & Resources Description. I nearly took Digital Libraries but decided there was too much overlap with Digital Preservation.

Last quarter was probably my favorite so far – my Content Representation class was by far my best class at Drexel, both useful and challenging (also the only class I didn’t feel I’d get an automatic A in), and my web design class was really fun, as well. I liked coming from these classes with something constructive I’d actually made – in these cases, a thesaurus and website, respectively.

Two more quarters, and then I’ll have my degree. So soon…


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Well, not really Christmas. Yesterday the roommate and I went to Rittenhouse Square to see the tree-lighting. The promise of booths and fun was sort of ruined by the rain – there ended up being about two booths, 50-odd people, and a somewhat disappointing tree, although there were some good times had thanks to free felt, jingly elf hats and 3D glasses. Past the break includes some kitten videos, and holiday pictures. (more…)

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Well, it’s finally happened. Real life has encroached upon our untouchable haven of an apartment. I emerged from the shower to see a MOUSE run into my closet. Growing up on a (non-working) farm, I’m not wholly new to this kind of thing. But there, I had two good mousing cats who’d take care of the problem.

So what do I do in a situation with NO cats? Stamp my feet, shriek slightly, and run to my roommate, who joins in my whining all the way to the local hardware store to try to find the least horrific mouse traps (do we get a cat, or the traps, we wondered. In the end, the traps were easier to acquire quickly).

It is only a small mouse, and despite my being much bigger and my closet being closed with a trap in it, I’m still a bit apprehensive about sleeping in my bed tonight. I crawled into my roommates comforter and curled up, oblivious to the world in my attempts to find a safe haven:

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During a recent politeness-scrimmage over who would have the last Oreo, my roommate shocked me in a way I never expected….

Smearing brie defiantly over the oreo, she shoved it into her mouth and said it was delicious! Then she put even more brie on it!!! Truly scandalous!

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Pub Crawl

The roommate, a friend and I attempted to do a pub crawl tonight. However, we had a hard time finding acceptable pubs (not filled with frat boys, not empty, not overpriced). We wandered into the City Tavern in Old City, thinking it looked quaint and authentic. However we didn’t realize just how… authentic it would be. Presented with barmaids in mobcaps and period dress and a harpsichord player, we quickly realized this was not the place for us (mostly as I could not stop laughing at the fact that there was a harpsichord player in a tavern).


Mob-capped waitress!

Mob-capped waitress!



We retired to our home base to watch West Side Story and Sabrina instead, which seems to have been the better choice.

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A visit to the famous Di Bruno Bros. (mostly just to drool over their cheese selection) left the roommate and I with some nice Brie and sparkling lemonade (we know how to live it up). I made some french fries from the potatoes I got at one of the local farmer’s markets, and we had a very pleasant dinner.

Until we ran the garbage disposal.

The garbage disposal is still a novel device for me. Probably the question I ask the most while in the apartment is: “Can this go in the garbage disposal?”

We’d turned on the disposal – making sure to run water at the same time – and out came truly horrible array of sounds from our poor sink. We assumed a spoon, or a chopstick, must’ve gotten inside. Neither of us wanted to reach inside to feel around (I saw that scene in Heroes, I know what will happen to me if I reach my hand into a garbage disposal!), and of course we did not have a flashlight between the two of us.

But technology came to the rescue! I have recently acquired an iPod Touch, and have been downloading free apps like mad, from the very useful (WeatherBug and the New York Times, as well as the complete selection of Shakespeare’s works) to the very useless (PhoneSaber, which makes lightsaber noises as you wave your iPod Touch/iPhone about, a magic 8 ball, a DJ scratching sound maker, etc). One of the latter categories had me downloading an app called Flashlight. This app takes advantage of the brightness of the iPod Touch, and emits a very bright white light, acting as an ersatz flashlight.

With my iPod Touch glowing madly, the roommate and I leaned over the sink in an attempt to find the rogue piece of silverware only to see a measly lemon peel kicking around. We used the aptly named “crazy tongs” and lifted it out.

One more thing to add to the ever-growing list of “Things the Garbage Disposal Cannot Digest” on our fridge.

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This weekend brought the end to our towering pile of cardboard, and with the presence of a new sofa, the apartment looks like an apartment at last. My roommate and I celebrated by watching Blackadder by candlelight. Here you can faintly see our Household God (a wooden rabbit statue) dimly illuminated by our sacrificial candlelight:


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