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Vernon, NJ

I took a vacation for about 10 days in northern New Jersey, in a small town called Vernon.
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I was charged with caring for: two rats, three cats, a small pond of fish, a deer and her two fauns, two squirrels, and two finches. Located in the middle of the mountains, it rained once a day but was incredibly green and lovely.


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The other day I got the chance to go see the library’s high density storage (HDS) warehouse. It sort of felt as if I were being inducted into some kind of secret society. We entered the ware house through an unlabelled lobby, signing in with a guard, going down a few levels in an elevator, and through a maze of underground passageways until we walked through the BEST EMPLOYEE LOUNGE EVER (where they have a mass of canned goods. if there’s an apocalypse, I am heading here. They even had a telephone room. Just for telephoning), and entered a massive underground warehouse. It looked kind of like this:

Indiana Jones Warehouse

…Except with more books and fewer Nazis/Russians. Maybe. Those might have just been hidden. (more…)

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Despite having a bump the size of a small egg protruding from my achilles tendon (slammed it into a rocking chair), I’ve been tromping about Philly with the roommate and her friend-who-dissects-mouse-spleens, C. Went to the Mütter Museum for the first time, where we all turned into 8 year old boys (“Ewwww!! That’s so cool!!”) as we stared at things like an eight-foot long colon and a wall of skulls, as C told us about her favorite pathogens (this, along with some other interesting facts, is what one gets for bringing along an immunology student).

Later, we all went to see Neil Gaiman read chapter 2 of his new work, The Graveyard Book, which looks to be very good indeed! They also showed a trailer for the new movie from his book Coraline, and there was a rather hilarious Q&A. You can see the whole thing, webcast, on his website.

The weather being crisp and sunny, we went out to explore historical Philadelphia. Here are some highlights:

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